Client: Nourish You

Packaging Design | Identity | Positioning

In a nutshell

To design packaging for a premium nut mix product that appeals to college-going and Gen Z audiences, and is easy to carry in a small backpack or handbag.

Expensive stuff is challenging to sell

Our task is to design packaging for Nourish You's premium nut mix snack product. This product presents some challenges, as it is perceived as being overpriced due to the high cost of its main ingredient, nuts. Nourish You wants to position this nut mix as a desirable alternative to unhealthy snacks for an affluent target audience.

When selling a niche product, packaging plays a major role in making it a desirable product.

With health becoming a major priority, it is expected that there will be a 2x increase in per capita spending on healthy foods by 2026. The segment will assume a market size of $30 billion by 2026.

Smiles all the way

To create unique packaging, it is important to understand the target market and audience and choose SKU sizes, colors, and materials that appeal to them.

We implemented the following strategy

  • Use matt finish packaging material for a premium look.
  • Choose easy-to-tear material for convenience.
  • Use darker colors that complement the matt finish.
  • Use the ingredients of the nut mix to create an iconic smiley shape.
  • Use quirky fonts to bring a fun and informal element.
  • Importantly, go small with just 100 gms.

Size matters
and so are the results!!

The packaging was well received by both online and offline retail shoppers. The product was perceived as a healthy alternative snack.

“The size of the packs makes it convenient to carry around. Other brands have nut mixes in boxes or jars which makes it impossible to keep with you. These are not as heavy as eating a bar, so they're perfect for a snack when you don't want to feel stuffed.” - an Amazon Customer

“This is one of the best brands one should definitely check. The quality is too good and the price is reasonable one can afford it. They have packed the product in a highly sophisticated way. It is an amazing product” - an Amazon customer.

“The matt finish and darker colors added a premium look, while the easy-to-tear material and quirky fonts appealed to the target audience of college-going and Gen Z individuals. The iconic smiley shape created a unique visual identity for the product. Overall, the packaging effectively conveyed the premium and innovative nature of the snack. ”

Vijender Former Marketing Manager