Client: Healthy Basics

Packaging Design | Identity | Positioning

In a nutshell

Design premium packaging on economical material without sacrificing the image.

Tough being great yet economical

Kilaru Naturals, in collaboration with Nutrivative Foods, seeks to introduce a new brand, Healthy Basics, offering premium superfoods at more economical prices in India. However, the market is already saturated with both premium and budget options. To differentiate its products and maintain a premium feel, the company faces the challenge of finding a cost-effective solution for packaging that does not sacrifice quality. Team AH suggested using sticker-based packaging as a potential solution, but it remains to be seen if this approach can effectively convey the desired premium image.

Today there are at least 100+ brands offering superfoods on Amazon India.

According to the IMARC report, the superfood market is expected to see growth at a CAGR of 6% during 2021-2026.

Pastel colors with lively illustrations

Sometimes, it’s not about the packaging material, it’s about the appeal.

We implemented the following strategy

  • Conducted research to identify potential areas for differentiation in design among competitors.
  • Developed illustrations and fonts that would imbue the packaging with a lively, dynamic appearance.
  • Ensured consistency in design across all variants while prominently featuring product images in bowls to highlight any variations.
  • Launched integrated campaigns on Amazon to introduce new packaging designs.

Attacking the competition from day 1 on Amazon

Despite being a late entrant to the market, Healthy Basics has been able to attract buyers from the outset on Amazon and other online retail platforms.

“Value for money, Very nice product and elegant packaging, quality is good too” - Amazon Customer

“Lovely Packaging and superb quality” - Amazon customer.

"Upon launching Healthy Basics, our intention was to make it a digital retail product. However, the market was already saturated with highly popular and successful brands, making it a challenging environment in which to thrive. Nevertheless, we recognized that an appealing design could potentially attract new buyers and shift their loyalties"

Vijender Former Marketing Manager