Client: My Gym Singapore

Performance Marketing | Google ads | Facebook ads

In a nutshell

A 30-day Integrated Campaign Management on the occasion of the Singapore National Day campaign led to an increase in 55% of enrollment to one of Singapore's finest enrichment centers - My Gym

Leverage the National Day Celebration

After the COVID lockdown was lifted in Singapore, the enrichment education industry saw an increase in competition as some competitors began offering lower prices. My Gym, which is located in premium locations in Singapore and primarily targets high-income parents, must price their classes higher than the local competition. The client hopes to increase sign-ups by utilizing Singapore National Day, but this time of year usually sees a high amount of ad spending from various industry brands.

Based on the latest Household Expenditure Survey (HES) conducted from 2017 to 2018 by the Department of Statistics (DOS), resident households on average spend $112 a month on private tuition and other educational courses.

Careful Media Planning and Innovative Copywriting

In copywriting, framing can be used to influence the way that readers understand and respond to a message, by presenting information in a certain way or by emphasizing certain aspects of the message over others.

To ensure the success of the National Day campaign, the following campaign ideas were employed:

  • A comprehensive media plan was developed and implemented, utilizing Facebook, Instagram, and Google ads.
  • In-store branding was utilized to encourage direct walk-ins.
  • Product bundle offers were created to appeal to buyers seeking package deals.
  • A higher budget was allocated to Google in an effort to win the bid.
  • Instagram reels and stories were utilized for organic social promotion of the offer.
  • Email marketing was conducted through marketing automation to the remarketing list.
  • WhatsApp lead nurturing.

Higher Conversions on the Website and Increased Walk-ins

The campaign was well received and saw higher engagement than the previous National Day.

24% increase in leads compared to the previous month

50% increase in conversions compared to the previous year

"It is crucial to have strong brand visibility and engaging content to capture the attention of parents in order to succeed in the competitive enrichment market. We tried something new, an integrated marketing campaign, for the first time during ‘national day’ month. We increased our marketing budget by 33% and saw a corresponding increase in trial class sign-ups"

Grace Low Director of My Gym Singapore