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In a nutshell

Nurture leads through personalized content at the appropriate stage in the sales process using marketing automation software such as LeadSquared. This can help to build trust and establish a stronger connection with potential customers, leading to a higher likelihood of conversion.

Lead leakage and low conversions

My Gym Singapore has been a leading provider in the children's enrichment sector since its establishment in Singapore. While the company has been successfully generating leads through social media and offline marketing efforts, the conversion rate has remained relatively low. The My Gym marketing team has been using mass emailing with regular bulk-sending software, which has led to a lower open and click rate. This may be contributing to the low conversion rate.

The conversion rate is less than 5% with no personalized content

According to Forrester Research, companies that implement lead nurturing practices have about 50% more conversions

Lead nurturing with Lead Squared to the rescue

Lead nurturing is an important aspect of the sales process, as it helps to educate potential customers about the services or products being offered and shape their perception of the company.

To improve lead nurturing at My Gym, we implemented the following strategy:

  • Developed a business workflow to understand the desired lead flow from "new lead" to "customer."
  • Created ideal personas based on the various programs offered by My Gym.
  • Created personalized content and mapped this content to the personas and workflow.
  • Integrated Lead Squared with the website and the internal student management software.
  • Created a lead scoring matrix to prioritize follow-up with the most promising leads.

Increased lead conversion rate to 55%

As a result of implementing this strategy, we saw the conversion rate steadily increase month over month. One key insight we gained was that some leads who had not previously converted needed more time to learn about the programs offered by My Gym. Email nurturing allowed us to educate these leads about the unique curriculum, safety precautions, and other aspects of the programs. My Gym was also able to take advantage of lead lists and segmentation, categorizing leads based on their position in the sales funnel and sending targeted email campaigns to specific segments. This helped to increase the relevance and effectiveness of our communication with potential customers.

Key Stats

The conversion rate went up from 5% to 55%

Email engagement went up 3000%

Lead follow-up time reduced from 48 hrs to 24 hrs.

Marketing effectiveness is measured accurately with reports and analytics

"As a trusted provider of children's enrichment programs, My Gym Singapore has earned a positive reputation among parents who have tried its classes. However, not all parents have the opportunity to visit the gym in person due to busy schedules. While phone calls can be an effective way to reach out to potential customers, some parents may be hesitant to answer unfamiliar numbers. In order to overcome these challenges and effectively educate and nurture leads, My Gym saw the need to incorporate email marketing automation into its marketing strategy. This allowed the company to reach out to leads in a more convenient and personalized way, helping to increase conversions and build relationships with potential customers"

Eric Lim Director, My Gym Singapore

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