Client: Aparna Venster

Performance Marketing | Google ads | Facebook ads

In a nutshell

A six-month lead generation and branding campaign led to a rise in brand recall and a doubling of the monthly number of high-quality leads. The cost per lead also decreased, and the company was able to maintain a strong market presence.

Low lead quality and high cost per lead

Aparna Venster, a well-known brand in the uPVC Windows & Doors industry, struggled to reach their desired target audience of architects, builders, and individuals building new homes. The leads they did generate were not relevant, and they had an average cost per lead of INR 220 on Google and INR 435 on Facebook. In addition, their sales team was unstable and unable to effectively follow up on inquiries. There was also a lack of alignment between CRM and ERP data, which made it difficult to track the number of sales that resulted from digital efforts. Lastly, the high cost of their high-quality uPVC products may have contributed to lower conversion rates.

High CPL on Facebook & Google ads leads to increased marketing costs

Lower conversion rates meant lower marketing ROI

Market research and careful audience planning

Accurate targeting is essential in generating marketing and sales-qualified leads. While the reach and quantity of leads are important, they are not as valuable if the conversion rate is low.

To address these issues, the following strategy was implemented:

  • A comprehensive strategy was developed based on user and search behavior, incorporating relevant keywords for the brand and user needs.
  • High-volume and low-competition keywords were selected.
  • The ad structure was modified, including revising focused keywords based on research insights, updating the ad copy for better ad quality ranking, optimizing and revising landing pages for better ad quality, altering the bid strategy, and addressing CRM issues by helping the brand's sales/customer care team resolve problems.
  • The targeting, communication, and creatives for FB Ads were adjusted to align with the objective.

Bring down the costs to 52% and increase ROI by 104%

By conducting thorough research and revising the marketing approach, the key objectives of reducing costs and increasing conversions were achieved. Some of the notable outcomes of the engagement included:

  • Generation of inquiries from other regions of India through branding campaigns
  • Generation of a healthy pipeline of 15-20 quality sales inquiries per day from both platforms
  • Generation of quality leads through lead-nurturing emailers targeted to a specific segment
  • Reduction of the cost per lead to an average of INR 95 on Google and INR 210 on Facebook
  • Increased the form fill rate by 23%
  • Increase in lead volume through the resolution of technical and tracking issues.

Decreased cost per lead by 52% on both Google ads and Facebook ads

More and more quality leads lead to the eventual sale

"It is crucial for marketers to conduct thorough persona research and market study before launching ad campaigns. Relying solely on basic keyword research may generate a high volume of leads, but it does not necessarily mean that the campaigns are effective. To accurately evaluate the success of a marketing campaign, it is essential to consider the right metrics, such as marketing qualified leads and sales, rather than just focusing on Google ad conversions. This enables marketers to gain a more comprehensive understanding of the effectiveness of their campaigns."

Bhavani Shankar Raju Former Digital Marketing Manager, Aparna Enterprises