Client: Abrakadoodle Singapore

Brand Identity | Logo Design | Positioning

In a nutshell

We repositioned Abrakadoodle Singapore from being viewed as just an art school to an enrichment experience that can aid in helping children develop cognitive, fine, and gross motor skills.

Art is perceived as a hobby element - change it

Abrakadoodle has been established in 2008 in Singapore, but over the years it has refined its messaging to specifically focus on the benefits of enrolling children in its program, such as improving their artistic skills and keeping them engaged. This messaging was successful in the beginning, but as the competition entered the market, the brand needed to broaden its appeal to appeal to more audiences. The primary task was to reframe the conversation from talking about art to talking from the heart.

Delving deeper into how art helps children get smarter

“A meta-analysis of studies on the relationship between art education and academic performance found that students who were involved in art programs had higher achievement scores in reading and math”

  • We delved deeper into the subject of how art helps children
  • Abrakadoodle emphasizes process art in its programs. It is an art movement that emerged in the 1960s in which the process of creating art is considered to be just as important as the final product. The focus is on the creative journey rather than the finished piece
  • We connected the principles of process art and academics together to arrive at a tagline for the brand
  • We called it “being smART matters”
  • We redesigned the tagline to fit Abrakdoodle’s core activities and programs
  • We implemented the strategy in the content we on social platforms and other communication channels

"In Singapore, education is taken very seriously, as it is in the Asian culture. However, art is often viewed as just a simple hobby. Our mission at Abrakadoodle is to change this perception by designing programs that not only aid in developing creativity, but also cognitive skills such as problem-solving, planning, organization, fine motor skills, and emotional expression. Our slogan, "Being smART matters," reflects this goal"

Eric Lim Director, Abrakadoodle Singapore