Client: Vitero Tiles

Drupal | Content Management System

In a nutshell

Vitero Tiles, a reputable tiles manufacturer in South India, is seeking to modernize their website and adopt a highly secure CMS other than WordPress to better manage their complex content requirements. As a leading company in the industry, ensuring the security of their online platform is of the utmost importance.

In need of enterprise-level CMS

The current Vitero Tiles website, which is based on WordPress, has several limitations in terms of content customization and design capabilities. As a result, the client has decided to migrate to a more modern, secure, and enterprise-level content management system that is open source and able to meet their complex data matrix and product management needs. It is crucial that the new platform does not negatively impact SEO or site speed as the website must be able to handle over 2000 products

The site speed with various critical WordPress plugins is 7+ secs

WordPress is easily hackable due to compromises in plugin security and the high popularity of WP sites around the globe

Drupal the open-source saviour

After a thorough evaluation, it was determined that Drupal would be the most suitable content management system for Vitero Tiles to handle its complex catalog management needs with its many parameters and filters.

To ensure the smooth implementation of the new platform, we implemented the following:

  • Hired Drupal specialists to build the backend and maintain the desired frontend design
  • Replaced several WordPress plugins with native Drupal modules
  • Created a user-friendly interface for content managers
  • Migrated website from GoDaddy to Azure
  • Provided training to the client's team on how to use the new platform

As easy as handling WordPress but is more robust

In the first three months after the website migration, the content management team was able to successfully upload over 2000 titles without the need for custom filters. The move to Azure significantly enhanced the site's speed, resulting in a better user experience when filtering tiles by various categories, colors, and types. As a result of these improvements, overall traffic on the website doubled in the year following the launch

Key Stats

Loading time is down to 3 secs from 7 secs

Improved CMS user experience with complex content needs

0.1 % downtime on the website

Increased traffic to the website with better SEO optimizations

"At Vitero Tiles, our primary goal is to present complex information in a visually appealing manner while prioritizing SEO, design, and security. In order to achieve this, we have chosen to utilize Drupal, an open source platform that offers robust security protocols and enterprise-level modules at a more cost-effective price point compared to other options in the market. By using Drupal, we are able to effectively manage and display our complex product catalog without sacrificing any important aspects of our online presence"

ASHISH SHARMA Senior Marketing Manager, Vitero Tiles

Thanks to
The development team from our
partner company Web Synergies,
Microsoft Azure,Drupal Community