Client: Aparna Venster

SEO | Lead generation

In a nutshell

Bringing the most searched keyword “uPVC Windows” to the top of search engine rankings in a rising SEO competitive environment

A tough battle with hyper-competition

Aparna Venster has tasked us with the challenge of improving their search engine ranking in a highly competitive environment. One major limitation for the company is that they only retail in South India. With few or no physical stores, it is difficult to compete with Google's algorithm. When Aparna was founded in 2008, they were one of the first made-in-India uPVC manufacturers. However, over the past decade, the number of uPVC window manufacturers in India has grown to approximately 58. The market is largely driven by local searches for "uPVC suppliers near me." All of these manufacturers are working to improve their website's ranking, and there is also competition from eCommerce websites, which have been given preference by Google's algorithm despite offering a poor user experience for buying uPVC windows or doors..

The conversion rate of Organic traffic leads is 100% more than paid traffic

B2B clients estimate the reputation of a brand based on organic ranking

Content is the king

Google places a high value on good content and prioritizes user experience. We have utilized this knowledge as a weapon in our efforts to improve search engine ranking

Our Strategy

  • Writing for the user and not the Search Engines
  • Adding value to the reading
  • Not just text, but infographics that provide snackable content
  • Featured snippets with structured data
  • YouTube video optimisations

Getting on page 1

After more than 12 months of persistent efforts, Aparna Venster began ranking on the first page of search results. Utilizing featured snippets, including videos, and focusing on the most commonly searched questions helped to improve our ranking. In addition, creating content that added value for our customers helped to improve our page ranking.

Key Stats

200% increase in organic traffic in 12 months

No 2. In overall rankings

124 organic keywords on page 1

45% of leads come from Organic traffic

"Customers tend to trust organic traffic more than paid traffic. Even with significant investment in paid traffic, organic traffic remains a crucial component of the overall customer lifecycle. As both a retail and B2B brand, Aparna Venster is careful not to rely heavily on paid traffic and instead focuses on growing its reputation through organic means"

SHANKAR Former Digital Marketing Manager, Aparna Enterprises Limited

Thanks to
Google for prioritizing user experience