Client: Nourish You

Shopify | e-Commerce

In a nutshell

Nourish You decided to give Shopify a try in order to reduce their reliance on marketplace sellers like Amazon and Flipkart, which charge steep commissions (up to 40% of the order value). By selling their products online through Shopify, they hoped to have more control over the sales process and potentially increase their profits

e-Commerce is not an easy game

Nourish You, a company specializing in superfoods, has been facing intense competition from other newcomers on Amazon. These new players have been implementing lower pricing strategies, which has led to lower profits for Nourish You. The company has found that selling on Amazon is like operating in a "red ocean" with numerous similar competitors. Furthermore, depending on marketplaces like Amazon for sales has become increasingly unsustainable due to the high commissions (up to 40% of the order value) that these marketplaces charge..

$444+ Billion USD of the global economy happens on Shopify

Depending on the category, the proportion of Amazon's commission can range from as little as 2% to as much as 38%

Shopify is
blazing fast to set-up

After careful consideration and evaluation of several different e-commerce platforms, including Magento, WooCommerce, and Shopify, we ultimately decided to go with Shopify to help Nourish You achieve their desired results.

In order to expedite the implementation of the new e-commerce platform for Nourish You, we took the following steps:

  • We created a custom design based on an existing theme and made intermediate customizations to fit the company's specific business requirements.
  • We integrated Facebook and Google platforms to allow for the creation of shopping ads directly from those platforms.
  • We implemented SEO to improve the website's visibility in search results.
  • We developed custom apps for shipping and order management.
  • We integrated RazorPay to streamline payment processing.
  • We set up email and WhatsApp marketing automation to convert abandoned cart customers.

A busy website with order bells ringing

The new e-commerce platform had an immediate impact on Nourish You's sales, with orders coming in from the first week. The company's campaigns were highly successful, thanks in part to the use of dynamic pricing and discount coupons. During the COVID-19 lockdown period, the company saw an even greater increase in orders. Marketing automation through emails and WhatsApp messages also helped bring back customers who had previously abandoned their carts after arriving at the website through social media campaigns.

Key Stats

500% increase in sales through the website

150% growth in organic traffic in 12 months

5% conversion rate of cart abandonment

100% of marketing campaigns set-up is done through Shopify

"Choosing the right platform for selling products online can make or break a business. Nourish You was lucky enough to zero in on Shopify with the help of AH. As a result, our order management, campaign management, and shipping processes have become as streamlined as those of a small traditional brick-and-mortar store, but with the added benefit of being able to sell all over India"

Krishna Reddy Co-founder, Nourish You