Client: Nourish You

Packaging Design | Identity | Positioning

In a nutshell

Standout in a crowded marketplace with big brands hanging on the face with big budgets. Create a unique identity for Nourish You Breakfast products.

High competition & growing tough market

As pioneers of superfoods in India, Nourish has been highly recommended on Amazon for products such as quinoa. However, in 2018, the breakfast segment saw rapid growth and increasing competition, with other companies introducing innovative millet-based value-added products like muesli. Nourish You launched their own muesli with unremarkable packaging, causing them to fall out of favor with Gen Z and millennials. In order to remain relevant, it is essential that Nourish You establish a unique identity for their brand.

Ready-to-cook Cereals & Ready-to-eat Cereals are two growing segments in India

Indian breakfast cereals market is expected to witness a CAGR of 8.2% during 2020-2025

Quirky fonts and
playful colors

Establishing a unique identity is crucial for any brand to stand out in the market. In the highly competitive Indian breakfast cereals market, it is especially important for a brand to have a strong personality that appeals to Gen Z in order to thrive.

To revitalize the Nourish You brand and appeal to Gen Z and millennials, we implemented the following strategy:

  • Conducted research on Nourish You's customer personas
  • Experimented with unconventional colors and fonts to create a distinct visual identity
  • Developed the "Smiling Muesli" concept to reflect the brand's evolving philosophy and resonate with younger audiences
  • Launched integrated campaigns featuring the new packaging designs

Creating a unique identity is important for a brand.
Creating a brand personality to appeal to GenZ is
critical in surviving the tough Indian breakfast cereals market

Top of the mind recall

The packaging became instant with the target audience.

“Since the lockdown started in India on March 23rd, 2020, I went to a local grocery store and picked up the "Nuts and Seeds" variant of Nourish You muesli - I really liked it. It had everything it claimed with no sugar” - Amazon customer

“I added blueberries, banana and yoghurt and it's been my breakfast since weeks!! Also, the packaging and branding is awesome and very relevant” - Amazon customer

“Firstly, the packaging is amazing. The taste is awesome.” - Amazon customer.

"Nourish You is the pioneer in Superfoods in India. We are one of the well-recognized brands on Amazon because of our amazing packaging that not only sells but tells our story. Crafting a unique identity is critical for us to stay relevant in the hyper-competitive market"

Rakesh Kilaru Co-founder, Nourish You