Holistic Mindset

“86% of marketers admit that holistic mindset is their top priority, yet few feel they are prepared to put it to work for them.”

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Find out why by answering a few pertinent questions:
Do you consider what your customers say about you more important than what industry analysts say?
Do you care more if customers buy your product or never actually use it?
Do you pay attention to how the customers interact with your brand?
Do you think about what users see before they even know they need you?

The right answers are elusive at best. But for all of us however, one factor becomes clear and is easy to grasp -- things are not adding up to increased revenues.

A disconnect exists between our relentless efforts and perennial shortfalls in sales. Leading us to think that there is a marketing problem when in fact there is a perspective problem.


This misalignment between strategy and what we measure is caused by not thinking from the perspective of a potential customer.

In a purely data-driven marketing culture, the measurement mindset leads to marketing spends and success metrics that lose sight of the longer strategic initiatives. To align a holistic mindset to strategy requires a fundamental shift in what and who we should care about.

The critical metrics to measure are those meaningful zero-moments of truth across the relationship between the brand, its potential and existing customers. This is where marketers are failing. They are ignoring the need to develop a truly holistic approach because they find it incredibly hard to think like their customers.

A holistic mindset based on a clear understanding that all aspects of marketing and the customer experience are interrelated, makes you truly customer centric. It enables you to respond with multiple perspectives, evolve multiple pathways and strategies. More important, your prospects and customers become the key drivers of your marketing.

Creating a new framework where digital marketing, branding, behavioral economics and data science come together. Where brand philosophy is intertwined with human nature. Images and thoughts are conjoined, as are behavioral patterns with attitudes, desires with needs, conceptual awareness with sensory perception, and the art with science.

A&H invites you to embark upon this exciting journey of thinking, seeing and understanding holistically. Opening up an insightful and reflective way of looking at and staying connected with your most important business dynamic – your customer.

Engage with us - Holistic Mindset

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