Client: Energy Beam Sciences

UX/UI | Design | Positioning | e-Commerce

In a nutshell

Bring character to their website and reflect their brand philosophy “Designing for science”

Communicating Our Identity on the Website

Energy Beam Sciences is a brand that has been serving the science and research community for over 60 years through its innovative products and services. Its esteemed clientele includes NASA, SpaceX, and numerous research universities from around the world. However, their old website does not effectively convey their core philosophy

The website is the first touch-point that tells the brand story to new customers

Fonts, colors, and general UI guidelines deliver that story

Make this the best & creative science website

We are committed to creating impactful brands and conveying their stories through digital design. This should be reflected not only in the words used but also through visual elements and the design of human interactions.

To achieve this, we recommend the following:

  • Using capitalized fonts that reflect the speed of innovation.
  • Using banners and images that effectively depict the brand's logo, which is based on a beam of electrons.
  • Showcasing the team behind the innovation to personalize the brand.
  • Developing a stylish color palette that stays true to the brand's colors.
  • Enhancing the user experience by presenting shop categories in a clear and concise manner.

Bring the creative factor

Our team of design experts, working alongside WordPress and Woocommerce experts, was able to deliver a highly creative website for a science-oriented brand. The client and their customers have expressed great appreciation for the overall design. We are confident that the brand's core philosophy of delivering value to customers through not just its products, but also the website's overall experience, is effectively communicated through the design.

Key Stats

The site’s loading speed has gone down from 7 secs to 4 secs

The user’s bounce rate went down from 52% to 34%

Refined brand identity & story

"We aim to bring creativity to the forefront through beautiful storytelling elements. Many science websites are dull and cluttered, but we want to create an intuitive website that is engaging for researchers and scientists. The website serves as the face of the organization and is the first point of contact for telling the brand's story. If we can effectively communicate the brand through the website, it becomes easier to build trust in our services and products"

DEVON NESTA Director of Sales, Energy beam Sciences

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