We've been on a mission since 2018 to shake things up and help our clients leave a dent. We're driven by the idea that we can use design thinking, data science, and AI to help our clients level up their marketing game and totally transform the way they interact with their customers.

Our Culture

Create Impact

At AH, we are driven by a passion to create impact and make a difference for our clients. Every time we complete an important task, we ask ourselves: "Is this going to create an impact on the customers and the brand?" If it's not an important task, we ask if it's a building block for an impact-creating project. We believe that positive work for clients is the foundation of our success, and that impactful work leads to a better organization, which ultimately results in positive outcomes for all of us.

Do inspiring Work

We strive to do the most inspiring and creative work, no matter what our role is within the company. Mediocre work has no place at AH. The most creative work doesn't always mean complex work, but rather simple and inspiring ideas brought to life. We encourage all employees to bring their great ideas to the table and not hold back.

Be Accountable

Accountability is a cornerstone of our culture at AH. We offer unlimited leaves, hence it doesn't matter if you work from 9 am to 6 pm or go on a long vacation - what matters is that the work gets done on time. We believe that we are like moving gears within a machine, and if one gear stops or malfunctions, the whole machine fails. We expect our employees to be honest and take ownership of their work, always keeping the best interests of AH at heart.

Embrace Chaos & Ambiguity

We embrace chaos and ambiguity as opportunities to be creative and innovative. Not everything comes with a clear brief from the client, but we embrace obscurity by asking the right questions and collaborating with our clients to achieve the desired impact. If we go wrong, we learn from our mistakes and use them to improve and grow.

Learn & innovate

We understand that in today's rapidly changing world, it's essential to continuously learn and grow. As Albert Einstein said, "When you stop learning, you stop growing." Technology is constantly making new things possible, and if we don't adapt and embrace change, we will be left behind. We encourage our employees to be curious, open to new concepts, and quick to adapt. It is only possible if we don’t stop learning.

Build a happy team

Finally, we believe in building a happy and united team. We have a flat hierarchy, with experienced managers mentoring their colleagues and helping them achieve both personal and organizational goals. We trust our team and value their ideas. A happy team is both high performing and caring, and that's what we aim to cultivate at AH.

We work with brands that are purposeful
in empowering their customers

We team up with partners and use technology
that aligns with our beliefs

Countries Serving

  • India

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