Client: 17 Degrees North Club

Performance Marketing | LinkedIn ads

In a nutshell

We leveraged LinkedIn’s real, member-generated demographic data, including job title, company, industry, seniority, and more, to reach the right audience to drive membership sales for the most premium member-only clubs in Hyderabad, India

Relevant sales qualified leads for the premium club

The 17 Degrees North Club is an exclusive members-only club located in Hyderabad, India. The marketing team attempted to use both Facebook and Instagram to reach their desired target audience, but they were unable to generate leads from these platforms due to the limited demographic data they offer. In order to effectively market to the premium target audience of entrepreneurs, business owners, and CXOs, it is important to have detailed targeting information.

LinkedIn’s demographic data is accurate and can be used to target based on seniority, income, Job title, and function

Precise audience targeting

LinkedIn is a social media platform that is often used for professional networking and job searching. It is unique in that the data provided by its members is generally accurate and up-to-date, as users have professional incentives to maintain their profiles.

To address these issues, the following strategy was implemented:

  • A well-crafted message for different types of target segments such as high-funded startup founders, business owners, C-level & senior executives
  • Location-based target to prevent unqualified leads
  • A/B testing with different messaging
  • Used “Interest Targeting” to reach people with an affinity towards being part of premium clubs
  • Created “Matched Audience” & “Lookalike” audiences to target website visitors and audiences similar to their existing members.

Increase in volume of sales-qualified leads

Contrary to the popular opinion that LinkedIn is not effective for B2C business, Linked as a platform helped the club to reach a more relevant audience that can actually purchase a premium membership.

  • Increased engagement in addition to typical social reach
  • A/B testing helped craft the right message for future campaigns
  • A high rate of sales-qualified leads

Increased Marketing qualified leads to 70% of the leads compared to just 20% on FB and Instagram

"While social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram may generate a high volume of leads at a low cost, the large number of leads can create noise in the sales process and make it difficult to identify qualified leads. In contrast, LinkedIn's targeting capabilities allow us to focus on relevant leads, even though it may cost almost 100% more than other channels. Ultimately, the quality of leads is more important than the quantity, and LinkedIn's targeting has helped our sales team be more efficient"

Pramodh General Manager - Marketing, 17° North Club